Five Tips To Sell Your Car, Van Or Motorbike.

5 Tips From All Vehicles Wanted When Selling Your Car, Van or Motorbike.


  1. Most important is getting the best price you can.


We all know that getting the best price for your vehicle can be tough and the best way to get the top price for your car is selling privately but this comes with issues too. A great alternative whilst still getting a competitive price is trying


  1. Convenience


This is usually pretty high on the list of what you want when looking to sell. You might ask a friend or even a smart speaker “where is the easiest place to sell my car today?”

Well we feel we have the answer for this with our customer first approach and experience in the motor-trade you can be safe in the knowledge we will work to in a fast, easy and safe manner to make selling your car, van or motorbike easy.


  1. Appearances


Make sure you have given your car a good clean up and tried to address any potential issues it has. You know what they say you only get one attempt a first introduction.


  1. Paperwork and Logbook in order


Organisation is something we can all drop the ball on but one of the best ways to maximise getting the best price for your car, van or bike is making sure you have all your paperwork together, including logbook, service history, receipts and anything else related to the car. You might need to try and dig the spare key out from your junk draw too.


  1. Notifying DVLA


This is something many people struggle with our need advice on so we want to help. The process is different when selling privately or to the trade and this means it can be difficult, you can notify the DVLA online or via post when selling your car. A search on Google like “Sell my vehicle DVLA” will help you get started. If you feel you need more advice click the link here

We hope these tips helped


If all of this seems like it is abit too much then can take care of this all for you and turn these five steps into one just fill in our enquiry form on our website and get started selling your car, van or motorbike today.

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