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1. Contact us

Do you want to chat to a person with experience in the automotive trade then Call us on 0800 112 3467, Text us on 07732 767 318 or Email us at enquiries@allvehicleswanted.co.uk. Do you want to chat to a person? Then give us a call a friendly member of our team is always on hand to chat to.

2. Appointment

We can come to you and view your vehicle. The All Vehicles Wanted team has the experience to help and always puts the customer first. If you want to bring your vehicle to us that can also be arranged.

3. Payment

If you are happy to complete the sale, we can pay you with Cash in your hand or by instant bank transfer and take your vehicle away. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Fast – Easy – Safe

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any fees?

There are no fees, charges or deductions for our service. You get to keep 100% of the agreed price,

What if I want to sell my car but need it for a few more days?

Not a problem, many times in the past we have agreed to buy a car, left a small holding deposit and collected the car when the customer has finished with it.

If my car, van or motorbike is an insurance write off (Vcar Cat C or D) will you still buy it?

Yes we have bought many vehicles which are Category C or D write offs, through accidents or from being stolen and recovered.

My car is currently subject to outstanding finance can I still sell it?

Yes, if the amount owed is less than the purchase price we can pay the finance company directly and return to you any balance in cash, if the amount owed is greater than the purchase price then either the difference must be paid to the finance company by you before we can take the car or an agreement is made with the finance company for them to remove their interest in the vehicle.

Do you buy imported or modified vehicles?

Yes we buy imported vehicles even if they are left hand drive and registered abroad. We also buy modified vehicles too.

What should I have ready when you come to look at my car?

The V5 logbook/registration certificate is very important however we have purchased vehicles without in the past, Service history and MOT certificates are very useful, spare key (if you have one) and we may need to see photo ID if we are paying in cash.

How long does it take for you to view and purchase my vehicle?

Typically around 15 to 20 minutes, It helps to have all the paperwork, spare keys, locking wheel nut key and any security codes at hand.

What happens if I have arranged for you to see my vehicle and I have to go out?

No problem, please let us know as soon as possible and we can rearrange for another time if you still want to sell.

Do you buy cars with private registration numbers (personal plates)?

Yes we do,  if you wish to retain or reassign the number we can help you to do this online before we purchase your vehicle.

What if the V5 logbook/registration certificate is not in my name or the car belongs to someone else?

This is not usually a problem but we may take steps to ensure that you have a right to sell the vehicle.

My car is a non runner and it is not at my home address will you still buy it?

If we agree to buy your car as a non runner it’s not a problem for us to collect from another address or from a garage providing that it is within the area we normally cover.

(Please enter your Reg and Phone number.)

Sorry No Vehicles over 3.5 Tons, Scrap cars or Scrap Vans Please – We do not sell parts.  Photo ID May Be Required For Cash Transactions – Limits Apply