Tips for dealing with and notifying the DVLA

Most adults have at some time or another had to deal with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and it can be at times a painful experience so I thought why not try and help.

After working in the automotive trade for many years I have a lot of experience in dealing with them, some good and some very bad. The DVLA processes driving licenses to trade plates, Logbooks to Taxing your car, van or bike. This means we have no choice but to deal with them if we want to drive a vehicle. This the first issue as there is no other alternative, your only options are how you contact them. This is where my first TIP comes in, If You Can Do It Online, Do It Online. No waiting on the phone for ages just to be told you have the wrong department. Here is a link to a video showing how to notify the DVLA of a sale online, or change your address or name on a V5 Click Here. A logbook application done online usually takes a week, where as it takes 4 to 6 weeks if this is done via post.

Second is if you have to call up the DVLA make sure you get the right department below is the link to their list of departments you can contact.

DVLA Departments

Third is to make sure if you have to send anything in the post, make sure you have the right from. These can be found either online or at your local post office. If you aren’t sure what you need to send ask someone at the post office or if needed call up the DVLA and ask. Additional if you do send anything via post note on the front of the envelope what department and form you are sending so it can get there faster.

Fourth and this one is actually helpful, using the DVLA’s online tools you can find out a lot about a vehicle for free just using the registration number. Google MOT history DVLA or Free Car Check, here’s a LINK to show how this works.

Finally if you need to ring up I always find its best to keep trying until you get the answer you want.

Good Luck


Rob from All Vehicles Wanted

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