Tips for buying a car, van or motorbike

We all know it can be daunting when looking to buy a new vehicle for yourself or a family member whether its a huge financial outgoing of a brand new car down to a cheap run around, you want to feel confident you can pick the right car, van or motorbike. Asking yourself “What should I be looking for in a new car?”

Well here are some valuable tips from us, firstly have a good look around at a few options and narrow your choice down to what you really need and want from the vehicle. After you have decided get as much information as you can, the more you know about what you are buying the better. I would always advise to find out about the history of a car and then see what you can find out in terms of common problems or what other owners of the motor have said, This is all relatively easy to find online nowadays.

Here is a link for to find out about a vehicles MOT history to get you started Click Here.

Have a good chat to the seller of the vehicle, again the more information you can get will help you get a good feel for the car, van or bike as well as the seller.

Set up a viewing is next and here are some big tips i would advise from mistakes I have made in the past. Go during daylight hours on a dry day, this makes issues easier to find and means you can take as long as you need to get a good idea of your thoughts of the car. Insist on a good test drive, if this is an issue then walk away. Look through all the paperwork and if needed to a check on the vehicle, HPI or Motorcheck are always good options for this.

Finally the tough part, TALKING MONEY! This can be difficult but if you have done everything stated above you should have a good idea where the market is for this vehicle and what you are happy or at least prepared to pay. Stick to this and if you have to walk away, this does not mean however that you shouldn’t buy a car cause you are too stubborn to pay an extra £50, again a mistake that i have made.

I hope these tips helped and feel free to comment if you want to add your own.

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