The Car Market In A Recession.

It would appear the UK is about to go into a recession and one that could last quite a while. Interest rates have been rising and inflation seemingly to be stubbornly high as well as a cost of living crisis it could be a good time to reduce your spending or overheads. This can affect the car market in many ways whether its finance on your vehicle, a need to get a cheaper car or even your insurance being too high. Since COVID the prices on the second hand car market have gone up massively meaning its way more expensive to be on the road. We feel lots of people will look to drive cheaper vehicles and the top end of the market may become smaller and too expensive for most.

At we saw a huge number of people getting rid of their second car or old motorbike to free up space and cash, this is something that can help ease some financial pressures. It all comes down to what works best for you though but if you do ever need a quite sale, or help with paying of finance to sell or just looking to clear some space with an old vehicle we can potentially help and always look to be a flexible as possible with our customers.



All Vehicles Wanted.

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