Is it best to recycle or re-use your old vehicle?

There are many companies who claim they want to be environmental friendly. Here at All Vehicles Wanted we are genuinely looking to play our part in sustaining the world’s resources. Did you know, on average it takes 5.6 tonnes of co2 to manufacture an average car? If that car is electric then the environment cost of manufacture changes significantly, It’s worth remembering that the mining of raw materials used in EV batteries is also incredibly destructive largely due to unsustainable, unethical, and environmentally hostile mining practices.
We believe the best option for our planet is to keep older (energy efficient) cars and other vehicles on the road for longer reducing the overall climate impact of the transport sector.
Our aim is to extend the life of older vehicles by keeping them on the road for longer reducing their overall environment impact.
We are very happy to purchase older cars, vans and motorbikes in order to extend their useful life and reduce the overall environmental damage they cause.


Mick at All Vehicles Wanted

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