Buying and Selling Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Electric vehicles have become a lot more popular and at All Vehicles Wanted we make sure we keep up with trends in the industry so have purchased more of these vehicles, especially fully electric motorbikes. EVs are a great way to traverse bigger towns and cities and lower your carbon footprint compared to other modes of transport, motorcycles especially in these environments.

Click Here to see a recent EV we purchased from Birmingham.

A worry people do have when buying an EV though is charging and the range these vehicles do have especially cars but with companies like Tesla pushing forward in this field it is becoming less of a worry. This being said there will always be some logistical issues with getting charging ports installed in some places, this means Hybrid cars could be best for you.

We offer to purchase all these vehicles, whether it be a hybrid or electric car, fully electric motorcycle or any other electric powered vehicle so contact us or call on 0800 1123467 if you want to sell your EV.


Rob at All Vehicles Wanted.

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